All information given by customers of ERATOSTHENES S.A. (ERATOSTHENES), are solely used in order to facilitate the users in communicating with this webpage, servicing and facilitating the webpage utilization. Information collected by ERATOSTHENES through its webpage are used in measuring site performance, determining customers selections and in facilitating trading. ERATOSTHENES will not disclose email addresses or any other user or customer information to any third party, not related to ERATOSTHENES.

Users of this site are not required to disclose their identity, unless the wish to. Personal data are required only in case the webpage involves product ordering, user registration, or sending email.


ERATOSTHENES may use cookies as part of the services through its webpage. Cookies are small files (text files), that do not cause any damage whatsoever to computer systems of the users as well as file stored on them. We use cookies in order to offer information and process your orders, and everytime you log out they are automatically deleted.

Online Transactions Security

ERATOSTHENES is commited to protect the security and integrity of data it collects regarding its webpage users. ERATOSTHENES follows certain procedures, that protect personal data given by users through the webpage or any other medium (e.g. phone calls). These procedures protect data from unauthorized access or disclosure, loss or misuse, altering or destruction. Your connection to the store is secure because it uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology . SSL technology is based upon an encryption key for encrypting data before they are transmitted through the (SSL) connection. Security check between data and the Server is conducted based upon this unique key, ensuring total security of communication. Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari browsers support SSL protocol and their use is recommended for connecting to this webpage.

Acceptance of Personal Data Protection Procedures followed by this site

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